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HOPE (aussie) and MAGIC (schipperke)

Welcome to our website

hi please use contact page not comment page if you have an enquiry. I can not answer your questions on comment page

Atrigema is a small blue and tan kennel. (australian terriers)
The Prefix is pronoun A-tri-gem-a
I have been involved with Aussie's since 1982 and active in the conformation ring since 1992 and Schipperkes 2017
Active member in The Australian Terrier Club of NSW - Show secretary since 2006 and the Archive officer.
This kennel only has the occasional litter of pure blue and tan puppies.
I bred a champion prior to campaigning one. I have campaigned 7 champions, 3 with my prefix. ( Abby is doubled titled has Australian Champion and Neuter Champion title)
My dogs are part of the family and I believe a house is not a home without an Aussie or three.
Currently only hope lives with me Ch Atrigema Defy the Odds. Ch Atrigema Takabowow died 2019 and Sunshine at 16 years died in 2013. holly and victor died September 2015.I am waiting for my next aussie. I ALSO HAVE A SCHIPPERKE a small black dog, no odour and no grooming other than combing, great dog for agility etc
Special thanks to Miss K. and E Anderson girls who usually handles my dogs in the ring and owns Ch Atrigema RockNRoll Madonna and atrigema dare to defy
I am situated in Dapto, NSW

NO ORDERS TAKEN. promised by a person would show her and to let me to have a litter i sold her to them in 20017 i was let down.still waiting
aussies cost about $2000-2500

Welcome to our website

If you are looking for a puppy, don’t settle for second best, buying a puppy is a huge investment for the next 12-16 years; I cannot stress enough that being patient and buying a quality puppy is more important than buying the first puppy that becomes available. Spend some time and check out that it is the right breed for you. Then  buy the pup of choice from a breeder that is registered with DogsNSW and are active in the breed e.g.: showing regularly or into obedience or agility etc. Breeders should be a member of a club related to their breed, Good Breeders are breeding to improve the breed and are not breeding just for the sake of having a litter to sell as pets for the pet market; pet breeders are not seeking to improve the breed.

Ask many questions to the breeder, ask to visit their home, a good breeder should be open to all questions and viewing of the dogs and home. Often the dog is not owned by the puppies breeder, though it means dad can’t be seen it also means that the breeder goes outside their kennel to improve quality of  puppies

If you visit a breeder and are not satisfied with the conditions, walk away do not buy a pup and “save” it from its environment, this only encourage more puppies to breed from this person.  

I will be happy if you choose an Australian Terrier or schipperke dog breed you want and buy your Aussie puppy from me. I generally have only a
n aussie litter every second year, this means you will have to wait and order your puppy from me.

note over 70 years old please have care planfor pup as dog might outlive you.otherwise no pup from me

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Suzanne | Reply 07.08.2020 20:08

Hello,my name is Suzanne.Our Home is just perfect now for a new family member.Its been 5 yrs since my man went to Rainbow Bridge.Blessed to have him 17yrs.

Aphrodite Chin | Reply 19.06.2020 10:36

Hi I am looking for a puppy to replace my wonderful little man that had to be put down after 14 years.

Sally hayward | Reply 21.03.2020 22:07

Hi looking for a male australian terrier pup, just thought I would get in touch .

Michelle | Reply 17.12.2019 08:44

No pups hopefully mid or late 2020. Please contact me on contact not comments . Cant reply on comments

Steve Gleeson | Reply 16.12.2019 19:58

Hello, we want to add an Australian terrier to our family of mum, dad and 2 boys 10 and 9. Do you have a pup available?

John Harrison | Reply 23.11.2019 14:16

My wife and I are very interested in the possibility of an Aussie pup whenever one becomes available. I grew up with Aussies from the 60s on.

Pat Coomber | Reply 29.08.2019 17:51

We have had a blue/tan female before & would like to buy another one now we are a little older maybe to show depending on the dog herself.

Maria | Reply 21.07.2019 13:28

My 9 y.o boy love to have a pet and love to have an Australian Terrier, thought to get him one on his birthday this coming August 24th.nonette 0437012010

Paul | Reply 27.02.2019 18:01

Hi. My wife and I are pensioners and very keen for the company of a small dog. Maybe you have a few contacts I could try

Phill | Reply 13.01.2019 19:52

My first dog was Australian terrier in the 70s lived till for 17 years approx Now in my 60s love to have another

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13.08 | 19:04


Im just wondering if your Aust Terrier is the same as a silky?

My parents have a silky and she is adorable and we are looking for the same breed or similar

07.08 | 20:08

Hello,my name is Suzanne.Our Home is just perfect now for a new family member.Its been 5 yrs since my man went to Rainbow Bridge.Blessed to have him 17yrs.

19.06 | 10:36

Hi I am looking for a puppy to replace my wonderful little man that had to be put down after 14 years.

31.03 | 20:11

Hope to have pups this year but have had fertility issues.dont take orders for this reason

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