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Below is a brief outline of my history in the breed

1973         1st Australian Terrier pet (deceased 1982)

1982         2nd Australian Terrier – Sevrana Sun Treat (Bitch). Encouraged by Judy Innes - Sevrana Kennels to become involve in the Dog Show Scene

1984         prefix – Atrubiugemma granted

1984-87     Sevrana Sun Treat had 3 litters; unfortunately the bitch puppy I kept as a show/brood bitch did not turn out. She was desexed and kept as a loving pet (Pippin).
Atrubiugemma Crystal titled by RM Morgan

1992         Obtained Teschi Racemosa (Bart) from Olive & Trevor Robb

1994         Bart titled

1997         Mulga Winter Blue (DeDe) & Taymond Sunshine (Sunshine) Born – both Bart’s daughters

1998         prefixed Changed to Atrigema

1999         Taymond Sunshine 1st & only litter

DeDe titled

2000        Sunshine titled

2001        DeDe died

2005        Teschi Waitnsee (Holly) born

Bart died

2007        Holly titled

2008         Teschi Waitnsee 1st litter – 2 puppies  Atrigema Takabowow (Abby)

2010         Teschi Waitnsee 2nd litter – 4 puppies 3 boys & 1 girl- Atrigema RockNroll Madonna (Diva).

                Abby titled

2011         Diva titled
the current girls Holly & Abby do have SunTreat in there pedigree
Abby -unsuccessful litter - died in utero 1

2012          abby finally had a litter in november   via  c-ection. I kept the girl. Atrigema Defy the Odds. (Hope). She has been successful in the ring. RUBIS at club in September 2013.
Diva had a litter in November 2013 - 5 puppies all to pet homes.
2013         Hope continues to do well. hopefully to have a litter this year


Hope started a successful show career multiple classes in show and class in show. a club shows RUBIS in September. I was unwell

2014 retired from work Hope continued with success x2 RUBIS (challenge bitch) RUBOB AT CANBERRA and Sydney titled.

2015 hope litter  victor her son died at 6 months Erza titled. Hope started chewing feet and can't be shown.


not well again

Diva 2nd litter  in March - kept Darcy - bitch but ear not up. 


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21.12 | 07:42

I am looking to buy a female red tan Aussie terrier, we have recently had to put our girl down due to health reasons...
she was well-loved and now sadly missed

09.07 | 09:49

I don’t want a puppy but would love a 3-4 year old female Australian Terrier or mix - I had similar pets previously & now would love another companion

26.03 | 21:05

Just wondering if somebody could find me a female puppy at a low cost I'm a pensioner and I've been sad as my old girl past on thanku

13.08 | 19:04


Im just wondering if your Aust Terrier is the same as a silky?

My parents have a silky and she is adorable and we are looking for the same breed or similar

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